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The Best Hammer Toe Splints

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When looking for the best hammer toe splint, be sure to invest in one that is both supportive and comfortable. ViveSole’s hammer toe splints come with adjustable toe loops to realign the toes and dual-layer pads to cushion the balls of the feet. Keep reading to learn more about this and other products.

Hammer Toe Splints by ViveSole

Our Winner- Hammer Toe Splints by ViveSole

ViveSole’s hammer toe splints are comfortable enough to wear with most shoe types, and come with a 60-day unconditional guarantee.

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Often caused by poorly-fitting footwear, hammer toe causes the toes to curl downward, in a claw-like position, instead of pointing forward. The condition usually affects the second, third, or fourth toe. Hammer toe splints work by realigning the affected toes to return them to their normal position. From metatarsal pads with toe loops to toe wraps, check out our list of the best hammer toe splints on the market.

Our Top Picks

Our Winner

Hammer<br>Toe Splints


Toe Splints

Podiatrist Favorite

Orthopedic Hammer<br>Toe Splint


Orthopedic Hammer
Toe Splint

Top Choice

Hammer<br>Toe Corrector


Toe Corrector

The 7 Best Hammer Toe Splints

ProductBrandCount ( Number per Package )MaterialType ( Slip-on, Velcro, Etc )Best Price
Hammer Toe SplintsViveSole2FoamMetatarsal PadBuy on Amazon
Orthopedic Hammer SplintCaretras1Cotton-Lined MaterialSplintBuy on Amazon
Hammer Toe CorrectorsVesigo2Gel and Elastic FabricSplintBuy on Amazon
Hammer Toe Separator SplintsZen Toes4Not SpecifiedToe WrapBuy on Amazon
Hammer Toe Corrector Splint5 STARS UNITED4Nylon FiberToe WrapBuy on Amazon
Corrector for Hammer Toe ReliefZOUYUE1Not SpecifiedSplintBuy on Amazon
Podiatrists' Choice Toe Straightener SplintPediFix3Not SpecifiedMetatarsal PadBuy on Amazon

Our Winner: Hammer Toe Splints by ViveSole

These ergonomic toe splints feature adjustable loops designed for toes up to 3.5 inches in circumference and dual foam layer forefoot pads. Plus, they can be easily worn with socks and shoes. This product comes with a 60-day unconditional guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Main Features

  • Dual foam layers 
  • Fit toes up to 3.5’’ in circumference 
  • Designed for all-day wear
  • Adjustable toe loop
  • Corrective support 


  • Interchangeable—can be worn on either foot
  • Easily worn with most socks and shoes
  • Support the forefeet
  • 60-day unconditional guarantee


  • Can be uncomfortable 
  • Some reviewers have found the pads too thick

Podiatrist Favorite: Orthopedic Hammer Toe Splint by Caretras

Made from a breathable cotton-lined material, this toe splint comes with a built-in aluminum bar that gently realigns the big toe. Some of the other features of this versatile brace include a non-slip design and an adjustable strapping system.

Main Features

  • Non-slip design 
  • Adjustable strapping system 
  • Breathable material 
  • Integrated bar
  • Effective correction


  • Easy to clean 
  • Fits most foot sizes
  • Restores natural toe alignment 
  • Day- and night-wear


  • Higher price point
  • Only 1 splint

Top Choice: Hammer Toe Correctors by Vesigo

This hammer toe correction kit comes with protector sleeves, toe separators with bunion guards, and toe spacers. Made from medical-grade gel and elastic fabric, the splints are easy to wash and reuse. The kit comes with a spiky massage ball, a big toe exercise strap, and a user manual. 

Main Features

  • Made from gel and elastic fabric 
  • 2 protector sleeves 
  • 2 toe separators 
  • 2 toe spacers 
  • User manual 


  • Comes with a massage ball 
  • Easy to wash and reuse 
  • Big toe exercise strap
  • 1-size-fits-most


  • Not as durable as some other splints
  • Not the best choice for large feet

The Other Hammer Toe Splints We Reviewed

Hammer Toe Separator Splints by Zen Toes

Hammer Toe Separator Splints by Zen Toes

These cushioned toe wraps are made from non-slip fabric for a secure fit as you heal. Simply wrap them around the sore toes, fasten the adhesive strips, and watch your toes regain their natural alignment. On the downside, these wraps may be too soft and flexible for some conditions.

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Hammer Toe Corrector Splint by 5 STARS UNITED

Hammer Toe Corrector Splint by 5 STARS UNITED

Designed to treat hammer toe, as well as broken toes, calluses, corns, and blisters, these toe wraps are washable and reusable. Plus, they are made from a breathable and flexible nylon fiber. Simply fasten them with the adhesive strips for a non-slip fit. While effective, these toe wraps are not as heavy-duty as corrective splints.

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Corrector for Hammer Toe Relief by ZOUYUE

Corrector for Hammer Toe Relief by ZOUYUE

Pairing an integrated metal plate and an adjustable Velcro strap that realigns the big toe, this hammer toe corrector is both comfortable and non-slip. In addition, it is 1-size-fits most and features a thick sponge pad that cushions the foot. On the downside, some reviewers have found the instructions that come with this product misleading.

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Podiatrists' Choice Toe Straightener Splint by PediFix

Podiatrists' Choice Toe Straightener Splint by PediFix

This pack of 3 metatarsal pads with adjustable toe loops alleviates discomfort by reducing friction and straightening crooked toes. Suitable for both feet, these correctors are double-layered for maximum comfort. Unfortunately, some users have found this product overly flexible.

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Hammer Toe Treatment

Aside from investing in quality hammer toe splints, there are a number of things you can do to alleviate the discomfort of this debilitating condition. Here are just a few.

  • Toe Separator Socks

    Suitable for mild cases of hammer toe, toe separator socks feature five cut out toes. The fabric between these cut-outs helps to separate the toes and keep them in their natural alignment. Toe separator socks can be worn with most shoe types.

  • Toe Separators

    Made from gel, toe separators come in either a loop or an open design. Some toe separators separate all five toes, while others are designed for specific toes. While most separators are one-size-fits-most, some may not fit unusually large or small toes.

  • Hammer Toe Crest Pads

    Normally made from gel or felt, hammer toe crest pads consist of a loop that goes around the affected toe and a pad that keeps it in place. They fit inside most shoes, so you can correct your hammer toe as you go about your daily activities.

  • Wear Appropriate Shoes

    Since hammer toe is often caused by overly narrow shoes, such as high heels, investing in sensible footwear can go a long way to treating the condition. The best shoes for hammer toe feature wide toe boxes and good arch support.

  • Foot Exercises

    Foot exercises are a great way of keeping your toe joints strong and flexible. While your doctor may prescribe a set of specific exercises tailored to your condition, most aim to alleviate the contracture that causes hammer toe. Some of the most popular exercises for hammer toe include towel curls, marble pickups, and manual stretching.

  • Surgery

    Surgery is only considered as an option in the most severe cases of hammer toe. The most common hammer toe surgery is arthroplasty, in which the surgeon removes a part of the toe bone, and cuts and reattaches the tendons.

Q & A About Hammer Toe

  • Does Hammer Toe Get Worse?

    Hammer toe is a progressive condition, which means that it will not get better without treatment. Nevertheless, all cases are different, with some progressing at a faster rate than others. Luckily, there are some simple measures you can take to stop hammer toe in its tracks.

  • What Does Hammer Toe Look Like?

    Hammer toe is characterized by a bend in the middle joints of one or more toes, which results in the tips of the toes turning downward. This can make the toe look like a hammer or a claw, hence the condition’s name. Hammer toe usually affects the second, third, or fourth toe.

  • What Causes Hammer Toe?

    Hammer toe is caused by an imbalance in the tendons, muscles, and ligaments responsible for holding the toe in position. The condition is most commonly caused by overly narrow shoes, an injury, such as a stub or a break, or a genetic predisposition.

  • Who Gets Hammer Toe?

    Even though any of us can get hammer toe, there are some risk factors that can increase the risk of developing the condition. Women are more likely to suffer from hammer toe, and the risk of developing the condition increases with age. People with second toes that are longer than their big toes also have a higher risk of developing hammer toe.

Weighing All the Factors

Introducing an adjustable loop design and cushioning metatarsal pads, ViveSole’s hammer toe splints stand head and shoulders above other similar products. Caretras’ orthopedic hammer toe splint and Vesigo’s hammer toe correctors feature their own benefits, which also make them great choices. Keep reading to find the best hammer toe splints for your particular needs.

Hammer Toe Splints by ViveSole

Our Winner- Hammer Toe Splints by ViveSole

ViveSole’s hammer toe splints are comfortable enough to wear with most shoe types, and come with a 60-day unconditional guarantee.

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