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The Best Foot Warmers

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After thorough consideration, we found Cozy Products’ ergonomic foot warmer to be one of the best foot warmers on the market. Fully adjustable, it can be comfortably used while standing or sitting. Take a look at our list of the best foot warmers and make the most of cold winter days.

Ergonomic Foot Warmer by Cozy Products

Our Winner - Ergonomic Foot Warmer by Cozy Products

Cozy Products’ ergonomic foot warmer features three adjustable settings and uses as much energy as a standard light bulb.

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Cold feet are not just uncomfortable, but can affect your overall well-being. Luckily, using a foot warmer can help to keep your feet warm, as well as soothe the muscles and encourage relaxation. From footrests to heating pads, foot warmers come in all different shapes and sizes. Read on to find out which foot warmer is right for your needs.

Our Top Picks

Our Winner

Ergonomic Foot Warmer by

Cozy Products

Ergonomic Foot Warmer by

Podiatrist Favorite

King Size Heating Pad


King Size Heating Pad

Top Choice

Insole Foot Warmers


Insole Foot Warmers

The 8 Best Foot Warmers

ProductBrandTypeAdjustable HeatAutomatic Shut-OffBest Price
Ergonomic Foot WarmerCozy ProductsFootrestYesNoBuy on Amazon
King Size Heating PadDONECOHeating PadYesYesBuy on Amazon
Insole Foot WarmersHotHandsInsolesNoNoBuy on Amazon
Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming PadSertaHeating PadYesYesBuy on Amazon
Shiatsu Foot Massager with HeatSnailaxMassagerNoYesBuy on Amazon
Electric Foot WarmerPROALLEHeating PadYesYesBuy on Amazon
Women's Warm Up BootBlochBootNoNoBuy on Amazon
Deluxe Foot WarmerPure EnrichmentBootYesYesBuy on Amazon

Our Winner: Ergonomic Foot Warmer by Cozy Products

This energy-efficient heated footrest is ideal for the home or the office. It can be adjusted to three different positions—upright, flat or incline—for sitting or standing. The 3 heat settings ensure maximum control and comfort.

Main Features

  • Energy-efficient
  • 3 adjustable positions
  • Temperature control
  • Ergonomic design
  • Keeps space warm


  • Safe to touch
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Uses just 90 watts
  • Fits under the desk


  • Low heat setting can be too hot for some
  • Fold out legs can be unstable

Podiatrist Favorite: King Size Heating Pad by DONECO

Made from soft microplush material, this electric heating pad comes with an oversized foot pocket. The LCD controller lets you switch between 4 temperature settings. Plus, the automatic shut-off function ensures peace of mind. This product comes with a 30-day warranty.

Main Features

  • Made from microplush material
  • 4 heat settings
  • Heats up in seconds
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • 30-day guarantee


  • Can be used on different body parts
  • Oversized foot pocket
  • Machine-washable
  • LCD controller


  • Only comes in gray
  • Malfunctioning shut-off function

Top Choice: Insole Foot Warmers by HotHands

These disposable HotHands insole foot warmers keep your feet toasty on the go. The air-activated pads are ideal for winter sports, camping trips, or walks around your neighborhood. Made from natural materials, including wood fiber, iron powder, salt, and activated charcoal, they are odorless and come with a 3 to 4-year shelf life.

Main Features

  • Hours of heat
  • Disposable design
  • Heat up in 15 – 30 minutes
  • Highly portable
  • TSA-approved


  • Perfect on the go
  • Made in the USA
  • Odorless
  • 3 – 4-year shelf life


  • Insoles are on the small side
  • Temperature control issues

The Other Foot Warmers We Reviewed

Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Pad by Serta

Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Pad by Serta

Available in a variety of colors, this eclectic heating pad with a foot pocket is made from plush fleece fabric and soft fiberfill. The easy-to-use controller features 4 heat settings. This heating pad is machine-washable and can be tumble dried. Unfortunately, this product is not as durable as some other foot warmers.

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Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat by Snailax

Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat by Snailax

This versatile gadget comes with a detachable top cover, making it suitable for both the feet and other parts of the body. Besides its heat function, this device also comes with 8 rotating shiatsu rollers for a kneading massage. The automatic 15-minute shut-off function ensures peace of mind. Please note that this product only delivers moderate heat.

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Electric Foot Warmer by PROALLE

Electric Foot Warmer by PROALLE

This heating pad is large enough to share with your partner. Made from machine-washable flannel, it comes with 3 heat settings and a 2-hour automatic shut-off function. The 10-foot long cord ensures convenience. However, this product does not get as hot as some other foot warmers.

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Women's Warm Up Boot by Bloch

Women's Warm Up Boot by Bloch

Available in a multitude of appealing colors and sizes, this warm-up boot is ideal for keeping your tootsies toasty around the home. The boot is made from nylon and has a polyester filling for maximum warmth. Plus, it comes with a cushioned heel to keep you comfortable when getting around. On the downside, this product is pricier than most other foot warmers.

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Deluxe Foot Warmer by Pure Enrichment

Deluxe Foot Warmer by Pure Enrichment

This one-size-fits-most foot warmer comes with a LED controller and numerous therapeutic heat settings. The sherpa-lined micro mink fabric that zips off for easy washing is ultra-easy to keep clean. Plus, the 5-year warranty ensures peace of mind. Unfortunately, this foot warmer does not get as hot as some other similar products.

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Types of Foot Warmers

Foot warmers come in various shapes and sizes. Here is a quick guide to what’s on offer.

  • Heating Pads

    Ultra versatile, heating pads for the feet come with oversized pouches, making them suitable for more than one person. Most heating pads can also be used on different parts of the body and are machine-washable for easy cleaning.

  • Heat Massagers

    What’s more soothing for feet than a combination of heat and massage. Heat massagers deliver exactly this. Fitted out with rollers, heat massagers usually come with various massage intensity and speed settings.

  • Heated Insoles

    Placed inside your shoes, heating insoles are great for winter outdoor activities. They are usually air-activated and deliver up to 9 hours of soothing warmth. The downside of heating insoles is that you can’t control their temperature.

  • Footrests

    Footrests are great for both the home and the office. They usually offer a variety of incline options so you can use them while standing or sitting and usually offer temperature controls.

  • Boots

    Made for either one or two feet, booties are great for stationary heating. While the more simple options that preserve natural heat, other warming boots feature different heat settings and an automatic shut-off function. Some warming boots are also machine-washable.

Health Benefits of Warm Feet

Heat therapy is great for both your mental and physical well-being. Check out the following benefits of keeping your trotters warm during those cold winter months.

  • Overall Warmth

    The temperature of your feet has an impact on your overall body warmth. Both the feet and the hands have a lot of blood cells and very few muscles, which makes them susceptible to cold weather. As such, warming up your feet is a fast way of warming up your entire body.

  • Better Immunity

    According to research, cold feet can decrease your immunity, making you more susceptible to illness and infections. This is because cold temperature reduces blood circulation. Since white blood cells are responsible for protecting the body against infections, lower blood circulation can reduce your ability to fight off illness.

  • Better Foot Health

    Cold feet can result in a number of foot problems. Frostbite is caused by exposure to extreme cold that results in tissue damage and cellular degeneration. Trench foot is caused by damp, cool, and unsanitary conditions that result in sores and ulcers. Chilblains is an inflammation of blood vessels caused by low temperatures, which can result in swelling and red patches.

Other Ways of Keeping Your Feet Warm

Our bodies work overtime to keep our vital organs warm in cold weather, which can lead to a reduction of blood circulation in the extremities. Here are a few ways to keep your feet toasty during those frosty winter months.

  • Keep Your Socks on at Night

    Leaving your socks on overnight can help to regulate your body temperature. According to one study, individuals who wore socks to bed fell asleep faster. Since your core body temperature drops at night, wearing a pair of high-quality woolen or bamboo socks is a sure way of staying nice and warm.

  • Eat Hearty Food

    The better your blood circulation, the warmer your hands and feet. The good news is that eating healthy foods such as nuts, olive oil, fruit, veggies, and fish can boost your blood circulation. Adding some spice to your meals can also activate your circulatory system.

  • Indulge in a Foot Soak

    A warm bath or foot soak are great for mental and physical well-being. They are not only relaxing but can warm up your feet. Foot soaks are also ideal for preventing dry, cracked, and calloused skin. Add some epsom salts or essential oils to the water for an ultra-luxurious experience.

  • Exercise

    Sluggish blood circulation can lead to cold feet. Exercise is a great way of boosting your circulation and warming your extremities. Staying active can also improve your general health. Why not go for a walk or a jog, or take up yoga or pilates.

Weighing All the Factors

If you suffer from cold feet, Cozy Products’ ergonomic foot warmer is a great investment. The heated footrest can be used in 3 different positions and features 3 different heat settings. DONECO’s king-size heating pad and  HotHands’ insole foot warmers are also some of the best foot warmers on the market.


Ergonomic Foot Warmer by Cozy Products

Our Winner - Ergonomic Foot Warmer by Cozy Products

Cozy Products’ ergonomic foot warmer features three adjustable settings and uses as much energy as a standard light bulb.

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